• 品牌: 圣鑫


Flow Range: 20-30-40L/S (320GPM-500GPM-650GPM adjustable),?

Working Pressure(rated): 10 bar?

Max Reach @ Max Flow: 60M?

Max. Range of motion: ?-15-+90°Vert , 360°Rot, ?

Max fog angle :120°

Material (body):Hard coated anodized Aluminum

Material (nozzle):Hard coated anodized Aluminum, Adjustable Nozzle

Inlet:20 degree is adjustable during installation and no need to hold the monitor.

Stream sharper is available and ensure expected range.

Spike: Anti-skidding tungsten steel spike to avoid skidding during operation. Spring damping mechanism inside the spike help adjust well on uneven road and buffer recoil.

Inlet coupling is hose anti-knot ,360 degree rotatable, stainless steel ball valve built-in

Foam attachment is available for foam fire fighting

Weight incl. nozzle:appox 20kg